Cee JayCee Jay
14:53 12 Sep 20
This is by far one of the worst day cares. Kids always coming home with scratches and marks and bruises, they don’t take care of people’s children. Wouldn’t recommend if I had no options left. On top of that the director and her daughter are very rude and one of them even criticized a special needs child.
Sarai SatterfieldSarai Satterfield
20:11 17 Apr 20
It’s amazing! My 2 year old brother loves it, and always talks about his teachers lol!
katie lawsonkatie lawson
11:09 20 Sep 17
My 15 month old son loves Center of Excellence. After his first visit he did not want to leave, lol. The staff is amazing!! Very attentive. As a first time mom I was very skeptical about placing my son at a daycare facility. Center of Excellence took all of my skepticism away. If you are looking for a great daycare facility I highly recommend Center of Excellence.
Nikki BryantNikki Bryant
01:46 05 Apr 17
Bu far one of the best schools in the area, its easy to see what separates good schools from great schools. I'm positive that the center of exellence will be a wonderful addition to my family's village! Five stars!!
Juankenia HargroveJuankenia Hargrove
05:02 30 Mar 17
This has been a really great child care experience thus far. I must say I've never felt more at ease with child care. The times of service and the care provided is excellent. It allows the parents to be able to have child care for any shift I am very pleased, so glad center of excellence opened. If you need child care please look here first you will be happy you did.

Maybe you need to run errands.
Maybe you just need a nap!

You know those folks who have Grandma always available?
Ready to babysit on a moment’s notice?

Well, we don’t know any either!
That’s why we started drop-in care. To offer parents someone to help them out when they need it most.
Drop off your child when that impromptu meeting gets scheduled, when you have an appointment, when the babysitter cancels for your once-a-month date night, or for when you get called to cover that shift.
Think of us as your cool Grandma that you actually CAN call any time.
Our Center of Excellence
We are honored that you are interested in becoming  a part of COE’s family. Our goal is to impact our students’ lives educationally, emotionally and socially so they are provided with a strong foundation for their educational career.

Really? I can just drop them off?

Yes! Drop-in care is exactly what it sounds like. It’s short-term childcare available right when you need it.
No planning a month ahead.
No lengthy enrollment process.
No minimum commitment!
Simply fill out this 5-minute registration form, select your day and time, and show up!

(You can drop by and register in person, but spots are limited and not guaranteed!)

Fun for your child. Peace of mind for you.

Because it’s short-term care, we’ve designed our Drop-in to be unstructured, free play environment that’s both safe and clean. All our staff  have an accredited state background check with CPR and First Aid certification.
As childcare, specialists with a combined experience over 50 years, we believe cleanliness and safety are to be expected. We
 sanitize thoroughly  throughout the day.

A happy, loving, & FUN atmosphere is what your child will remember.

We prioritize fun here!
Activities at  COE includes but limited to:
-A toddler activity area
-Arts and crafts
-Socialization and group activities
-Puppet shows
-Fun and entertaining activities
-Plenty other resources to keep your child engaged
After just one visit, your once shy leg-hugging child will soon be running off with a smile waving, “Bye, Mommy!”
Looking for a full-time educational daycare curriculum?
Visit our Academy page.

How to get started:

Once you register, arrive with your child and we’ll get you checked in!
Check in: One of our teachers will help your child, store away their shoes and belongings in a cubby, and walk your child to their designated area.
SNACKS are provided
– Inform our receptionist for pickup
– Wait for your child to be brought you
– Be on your way home and hear about their fun day
Rate: Starting from $13 /hour

What ages do you accept?
Ages 3-6.
Here are the rest of our FAQs

We are Hillsborough’s first state approved drop in Facility. Therefore we are able to offer hourly care as well as full day care ( max 10 hours).
Our drop in facility is only for potty trained children from age 3-6 .
One to ten with a floater.
Yes, you can pack your child a lunch however, it must contain the 5 majors food groups . You can also take advantage of purchasing a lunch from us.We are a nut-free facility.
We are a nut-free facility. We do not allow any type of tree nuts or peanuts in our facility. Please alert our staff if your child has any other allergies.
All our child care specialists have passed a background test, CPR and First Aid Certified, and they must pass our rigorous multi-step interview process.
We only hire people who love caring for children. With a combined 50+ years of experience of caring for children, we only hire staff that do child care the right way.
We have cared for children of all personalities and abilities. More often than not, they gain valuable social skills from their time with us. We make sure they have lots of fun no matter what that looks like for them!
For our drop-in, we offer one large play space for children. There is a smaller area dedicated to toddlers however, this space is still open to all age groups

1.Track out Care 5-6 yrs old (year around school children)

Parents must bring 4 food components / no soda / OR purchase/ No peanut

School breakfast and lunch for a total of $14.00 -($7.00 per meal )

TRACK OUT KIDS $284.25 WEEKLY RATE (max 10 hours per day)

2.Drop in

$13/hour for the first child, and $12 for each additional sibling.


3. Parent date night

$40.OO PER CHILD (would be flat rate- will include pizza and juice)

The center will provide dinner for Date night

1.Track out Care 5-6 yrs old (year around school children)

Late pickup $30.00 for the first minute and $1.00 every additional minute.

2.Drop in

Late pickup $30.00 for the first minute and $1.00 every additional minute.

3. Parent date night

Late pickup $30.00 for the first minute and $1.00 every additional minute.
All our snacks and meals are USDA approved.

Designed for everyday parents.

We’re parents ourselves, so we tailored this service to fulfill the very need we’ve experienced.
We’ve designed drop-in care at COE to meet the three most important criteria that everyday parents need:
-A warm, loving place where children have fun
-Reliable childcare on a moment’s notice for parents
-An easy process for registration and dropoff